Onyx stone in Iran has many colors. found in Iran can be cyan onyx, honey, white onyx pomegranate, green and so  on. Many people who are interested in the sex and type of stone formations find it interesting to know how this stone is formed. is a metamorphic stone whose crystals are formed by re crystallization of limestone. In ancient times, the onyx stone had a special place among the stones, both in terms of use in buildings and temples and because of their energy, they came to understand the healing properties of the stone. White model has been used in building construction since ancient times. The Egyptians and Greeks used this stone to build their temples. It is resistant to heat, cold and rain and also passes through light. it has always been used in sculpture, construction and decoration for its special beauty. this stone is one of the most delicate stones in nature due to its almost endless variety of colors. The onyx tile should be cut with a diamond blade to make a delicate cut and reduce the risk of onyx stone cracking. Onyx stone is widely used among all types of flooring and tiles for its remarkable beauty and charm. this stone is known to be different from marble. When looking at these two types of rocks from the outside, it is very difficult to distinguish Onyx from marble. One of the differences of this stone can be its semi-transparency. Marble is extracted from layers near the surface of the earth, White model is found in much deeper layers. is not as hard as marble, so it needs to be carefully cut and molded.

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